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Tool of the Day: Gawain MacGregor

by 104.5 BOB FM posted Oct 12 2017 4:50AM
A group of hunters in North Carolina had a pretty strange day last week when they went out for an afternoon of hunting. Instead of deer, or wild foul, the hunters claimed they had spotted Bigfoot. Of course, social media caught onto the claim, and a man by the name of Gawain MacGregor says it wasn't Bigfoot, it was him dressed in animal skins that the hunters stumbled upon. Apparently, MacGregor said he was participating in a "sacrament" trying to summon Bigfoot himself. When asked about future hunting trips, the friends said they're probably calling it a season after the weird interaction.
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Location : North Carolina
People : Bigfoot
10/02/2017 11:50AM
Tool of the Day: Gawain MacGregor
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