Sparring in the Ring – Episode 3: Brendan’s Rapid Spiral Into a Creep

Mikey and Brendan spar on the topic of Brendan’s clear path towards being a creep as a form of intervention.

Sparring in the Ring – Episode 2: A Forgetful Mind Makes for an Awful Encounter

Mikey and Brendan discuss an awkward encounter that happened in the studio caused by Mikey forgetting someone from his past, with Brendan only making the situation more awkward. Music: Say...

Sparring In The Ring – Episode 1: Making Plans with Mikey’s Christmas Gift

Brendan gave Mikey a strange gift for Christmas. In this episode, they discuss what they should do with the gift. Music: Say You Will by Shane Ivers – https://www.silvermansound.com

The Post Game Show 1/8/21