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by 104.5 BOB FM posted Mar 23 2017 5:06AM
Tonight in Sweet 16 NCAA Tournament Action, 7th-Seed Michigan takes on 3rd-Seed Oregon in Kansas City. Tonight at 7:09pm only on CBS!
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by 104.5 BOB FM posted Mar 22 2017 4:52AM
Prometheus goes to great lengths to break Oliver. Meanwhile, in the flashbacks, Anatoly becomes worried about Oliver's increasingly violent tendencies, which come to a head in a brutal confrontation. 8pm on the CW Network.
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by 104.5 BOB FM posted Mar 20 2017 4:57AM
The 24th-season opener begins with 12 celebrities, including Mr. T; Simone Biles; Nancy Kerrigan; Chris Kattan; Rashad Jennings; Heather Morris; and David Ross. Dances featured include the tango, cha-cha, salsa, Viennese waltz and quickstep. Tonight at 8pm on ABC.
by 104.5 BOB FM posted Mar 16 2017 8:21PM
Eve doesn't get invited to an anniversary party for Rob's parents, and Mike and Vanessa give Eve conflicting advice on how to deal with this. Elsewhere, Kristin and Ryan thinkan escape-room challenge is too perplexing for Mandy and Kyle. Tonight at 8pm on ABC.
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by 104.5 BOB FM posted Mar 16 2017 5:00AM
Former first lady Michelle Obama oversees a mystery-box challenge for the Top 14 cooks that's inspired by the White House garden. Later, Julie Bowen is the guest judge for a challenge when the kids create a dish in honor of their mothers. Tonight at 8pm on FOX.
by 104.5 BOB FM posted Mar 15 2017 5:06AM
The castaways drop their buffs for a tribe swap and the game starts from scratch for one set of players. Later, one castaway leaves his tribemates stranded in the ocean so he can search their camp for the immunity idol. Tonight at 8pm on CBS.
by 104.5 BOB FM posted Mar 14 2017 5:03AM
Tim Smith, who delivered his father's illegal shine recipe from the backwoods of Virginia to America's store shelves, goes back in time to his humble beginnings. Accompanying him to locations of his memories, a glance into his life as a moonshiner is given. Tonight at 8pm on the Discovery Channel.
by 104.5 BOB FM posted Mar 13 2017 5:04AM
Kevin and Chale get jobs working in the warehouse at an electronics store to help pay for the wedding, but Chale's quick promotion to the sales floor kick-starts Kevin's competitive side. Tonight at 8pm, only on CBS.
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by 104.5 BOB FM posted Mar 10 2017 5:05AM
A retrospective of the show's eight-season run includes interviews with past and present cast members, guest stars, and executive producers Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson. Also: behind-the-scenes footage from the final season; and special moments from the series. Tonight at 8pm on the CW Network.
by 104.5 BOB FM posted Mar 9 2017 5:03AM
A grueling trauma case is complicated by hospital politics. Meanwhile, Amelia confronts her feelings regarding Owen; and Meredith finds herself stuck in the middle as Nathan and Alex butt heads over a patient. Tonight at 8pm on ABC.
by 104.5 BOB FM posted Mar 8 2017 5:09AM
Twenty of the game's biggest competitors return to play as the reality series begins its 34th season. In the opener, the castaways arrive at Fiji's Mamanuca Islands, where two of the game's legends set their sights on one another and another player introduces "spy shack" 2.0. Tonight at 8pm on CBS.
by 104.5 BOB FM posted Mar 7 2017 5:10AM
Wally has visions of Savitar while training with Barry, but he hides them fromthe team. Meanwhile, a dangerous secret threatens Barry and Iris' happiness. Tonight at 8pm on the CW Network.
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by 104.5 BOB FM posted Mar 6 2017 5:05AM
The team capitalize on a lead and zero in on an enemy's location. Elsewhere: Amira's plan nears completion. Tonight at 8pm on FOX.
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by 104.5 BOB FM posted Mar 2 2017 6:16PM
An international assassin surfaces and is hired to kill MacGyver, who has to defend himself and Bozer using only a corkscrew and paper towel rolls. Also: Bozer learns of Mac's true identity. Tonight at 8pm on CBS.
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by 104.5 BOB FM posted Mar 2 2017 5:04AM
The blind auditions continue, in the early stages of the competition. Tune in tonight at 8pm, only on NBC!
by 104.5 BOB FM posted Mar 1 2017 4:57AM
The Season 6 premiere, a newly single woman needs help uncovering the shadowy identity of a potential new love. But things get interesting when it's discovered that she may have secrets of her own. Tonight at 8pm on MTV.
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